The exhibition and charity auction “soundless till the point of deafness” were created to financially support the “Svoboda” Battalion of the “Rubizh” Rapid Response Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine, where artist and student of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture Alexander Len serves.

The project was launched on 25 May 2023 on the initiative of Kateryna Zhurba, a student of the Academy. Students Roman Lakhmanets and Mykyta Yavorskyi also joined the process.

Alexander Len and Anastasiia Kuzmenko have been collaborating since October 2022. Initially, Anastasiia as a team member of the space “Tsehla” coordinated the first solo exhibition of the art collective “Three Practises of Realism” (Nadiia Rohozhyna, Alexander Len). Their next project “soundless till the point of deafness” Anastasiia and Alexander creates together as curators.

In addition to its charitable purpose, the project also aims to refresh the Academy exhibition activities and to develop experimental curatorial practices. Alexander and Anastasiia, as an artist and a cultural scholar and a performer, work with the exhibition based on methods of composition and interaction with space.

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