soundless till the point of deafness

29.06 – 28.07

Alienation. Emptiness. Silence. Loneliness as a need for artistic practices. Loneliness as a reaction to the crisis and destructive processes. The exhibition “soundless till the point of deafness” explores the experience of loneliness by artists. The title of the exhibition quotes a line from Yaryna Chornohuz’s poem “naked baroque” written during the poet’s rotation in the army.

In 2015, the Visual Culture Research Center organized as a part of the Kyiv Biennale the exhibition “School of the Lonesome”. Its curator Lesia Kulchynska comments: “School of Lonesome” was about loneliness after the euphoria of collective action.” The exhibition was dedicated to the Maidan. The cycle has been completed and we have returned to the point where we need to re-analyze and comprehend the experience. This time, the experience of the pandemic and the full-scale war in Ukraine — the subsequent events after 2014 that affected all processes and activities of our society. Events that have dramatically and irrevocably changed the way we used to live.

If “School of the Lonesome” reflected on artists actions in public, “soundless till the point of deafness” offers to explore the one in private. The “stage” — the central point of Lesia’s curatorial interest — was a space for collective and individual practices. The crowd dispersed and split into personal boundaries, keeping a piece of the big stage within them. The power of the political gesture today is accumulated and happens through the actions of each and every one of us: financial support, blood donations, volunteering, spreading information, etc.

2014. With the beginning of the Russian occupation, residents of the eastern and southern territories of Ukraine are forced to leave their homes and assimilate to the new area. 2020. Society secludes itself due to the pandemic. Positive tests and self-isolation, walks in deserted streets and parks — loneliness becomes commonplace. 2022. Russia’s full-scale invasion and a new wave of Ukrainian migration intensify the feeling of (collective) loneliness: due to the loss of home, emigration, relatives and friends death, waiting for family members serving at the front, and Ukraine’s alienation from the world.

For 9 years, the Russian-Ukrainian war has been gripping everyone with at least a sense of anxiety. But to a greater extent, it is a feeling of loneliness.

The exhibition features works by Mykhailo Alekseenko, Stepan Budulak, Andrii Volkov, Anastasiia Dytso, Ruslana Kliuchko, Eugen Korshunov, Dmytro Kupriyan, Ilya Kucher, Roman Lakhmanets, Inga Levi, Anastasia Leliuk, Natalia Lisova, Daniil Nemyrovskyi, Vladyslav Palamarenko, Yuriy Pikul, Anastasiia Pischanska, Nadiia Rohozhyna and Uliana Sukach-Kochetkova, Anton Sayenko, Olesia Saienko, Tiberiy Szilvashi, Karina Synytsia, Bohdan Sokur, Olena Topolian, Tamara Turlyun, Mitya Fenechkin, Maksym Khodak, Dasha Chechushkova, Teresa Yakovyna, Atelier 36, etching.room1.

The main goal of the exhibition “soundless till the point of deafness” is to financially support the Svoboda battalion of the Rubizh rapid response brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine, where an artist and student of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture Alexander Len serves. Alexander joined the battalion on April 13, 2022. He was wounded in August 2022 and after completing his rehabilitation in April 2023, he returned to the ranks of the NGU.

Curatorial team: Alexander Len, Anastasiia Kuzmenko
Project team: Kateryna Zhurba, Roman Lakhmanets, Mykyta Yavorskyi
Graphic design: Mila Kostiana
Architect: Artem Hromnytskyi
Website development: Stanislav Nesteruk
Installation: Dmytro Sheremet, Dmytro Borysov

Auction consultancy: Ducat auction house
The exhibition is supported by the Emergency Support Initiative of the Kyiv Biennale and the production of the Unmanned aerial vehicle SHULIKA.

We invite you to free curatorial tours of the exhibition “soundless till the point of deafness” at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. Registration is required via the link.


Schedule of the tours:


✔️ July 1 at 16:00

✔️ July 8 at 16:00

✔️ July 15 at 16:00

✔️ July 22 at 16:00


Meeting point: 20 Voznesenskyi Descent


Please fill out the form the day before the tour, no later than 17:00 on Friday.

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