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аlЬmanaХ, 2022

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аlЬmanaХ, 2022
Nadiia Rohozhyna and Ulyana Sukach-Kochetkova

аlЬmanaХ  is an alternative zine which is dedicated to Ukrainian poetry. Printed in Basel and hand-sewn, the book has already been exhibited at several exhibitions and was nominated at the Mystetskyi Arsenal. This collection contains selected poetry excerpts by Ivan Svitlychnyi, Olena Teliha, Vasyl Stus, Oleksandr Oles and Vadym Lesych. A number of poems by Uliana Sukach-Kochetkova, the book’s designer and layout designer, reflect on Russia’s Full-scale war against Ukraine. It has been illustrated by Nadiia Rohozhyna using ceramics, cardboard engravings, and drawings: «We find it significant that ceramics is used as a full-fledged participant that complements and saturates old texts with new narratives, while connecting them to the contemporary environment. It is important to note that all of the illustrations were created following the Russian invasion. Our aim was to preserve a certain gravity of experiences and thoughts that we wished to express in the most suitable manner for us, which is why we referred to it as “underground drama”.»

Winner of the Experiment nomination in the Best Book Design competition in 2022 at the International Book Arsenal Festival. The book was presented at the 23rd Vilnius International Book Fair and the Leipzig Book Fair, and exhibited at the Kazys Varnelis House-Museum (Vilnius, Lithuania).

Nadiia Rohozhyna was born in 1999 in Kyiv. She received a Bachelor’s degree from the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in 2022, a Bachelor’s degree from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in 2022, and is currently studying for her Master’s degree at FHNW in Basel. She lives and works in Kyiv and Basel (Switzerland).

Nadiia is a member of the art group “Three Practices of Realism”, created together with Alexander Len in August 2021, and the performance group “s.v.i.l”’. 

The artist explores topics related to the commemoration of the experience of war, cultural heritage, human relations with nature, gender studies and feminism, occultism and mystical experience. In her research, Nadiia uses such media as video, ceramics, drawing, painting and mixed media. She has presented her art projects in Ukraine, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Taiwan.

Uliana Sukach-Kochetkova was born in 2001 in Kyiv. In 2023, she graduated from FHNW HGK in Basel. She lives and works in Basel.

Uliana works in the field of graphic design and also expresses herself in the artistic field through ceramics and poetry. She has performed poetry at the Beyeler Fondation (Basel) and as a member of choirs at Carnegie Hall (New York, USA), the Ash David Choral Festival (Florence, Italy), and the International Choral Festival in Basel.

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