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I’ll put salt on your pillow’s patina; I woke up crying, 2019-2023

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I’ll put salt on your pillow’s patina; I woke up crying, 2019-2023
Anastasiia Pischanska
series of 17 photos, 130х180

The project was formed over a period of two years in the context of daily observations of my hometown Odesa. My parents and I never had our own place and always rented. My whole childhood is about moving from one district to another. Two years ago my parents finally managed to buy a small flat in an industrial area close to a railway station and a motorway. Despite the fact that there is absolutely nothing but abandoned soviet industrial factories, my parents were really happy to have a home of their own. One sultry summer, after our long separation, I was able to visit them. It was raining incessantly. The old tram was packed with people rushing in after a long working day to the comfort and peace of their homes. On the road to my parents I thought now they found peace too. Then a full-scale war broke out. When a bomb was dropped in front of my parents home we decided to leave. I asked myself whether we will find a home ever again. This project is about a sense of home and belonging to it. After 6 months of a full-scale war, I returned home and decided to document how my perception of those streets had changed, a comparison on before and after. This project is dedicated to the sense of home you never had, but always miss. It is an exploration of alienation from something that you are not even related to. The photos in color were taken during peacetime before the full-scale invasion. They seemed very bleak and depressing to me then, representing loneliness these people live in, being physically closed but so isolated mentally from each other.  However, reality changed completely when we became aware of death and war all around us.  Coming back, I intuitively wanted to convey the light and shade, death and continuing life in my hometown, through black and white. As time passes it’s illuminating the real sense of happiness.

Anastasiia was born in 2000 in Odesa. She received a bachelor’s degree in film directing and audiovisual arts from the International Humanitarian University. In 2015, she graduated from the Odesa Ballet and Dance School. In 2019, she worked as a fashion stylist and make-up artist. In 2020, she completed a screenwriting and playwriting course. She lives and works in Odesa and Berlin (Germany).

Anastasiia researches contemporary drama, performance and video art and works as a freelance screenwriter and director. Anastasiia’s work is dedicated to the study of dreams, the nature of the existential human being and sensitive transcendental transformations. Routine voyeurism is the main form of her artistic immersion in the vulnerable and deepest aspects of human behaviour.  The Mono no aware (物の哀れ, “the sad charm of things”) is an aesthetic concept that she constantly refers to in her artistic practice. 

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