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Natalia Lisova
canvas, oil

The INDIFFERENT SPACE project is a study of space as such, which is self-sufficient, valuable, and at the same time ephemeral/elusive for a human being as a temporary/mortal being, since space and time are fundamental components of the physical world. It is the preservation of places and events that are significant for the subject that is a way of struggling against the transience of life. When there is a loss of control over time due to unforeseen circumstances, the attempt to return to the lost order leads to the restoration of the past way of life in order to gain a sense of stability and protection.

Natalia was born in 1980 in Lityn, Vinnytsia region. She is a PhD candidate at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (since 2021). She lives and works in Kyiv.

As a practicing artist, Natalia found herself in the direction of land art, site-specific art, performance, installation. She works with the themes of the artist’s presence in the performance and the boundaries of performance, the psychology of viewer perception and the forms of time and space. In her work, Natalia tends to observe, detect, interact, supplement and record the environment. She embodies the gained practical experience in art theory by studying the specifics of land art formation in Ukraine and is working on her dissertation “Vernacular Language of Ukrainian Land Art”. Natalia is engaged in the formation of the archive of national environmental art.

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