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mutated–bestiary, 2023


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mutated–bestiary, 2023
Dasha Chechushkova

For the exhibition, Dasha recreates the missing tiles that were placed on the streets of Lviv. The work is a testament to Dasha’s personal research on human migration to another city. The project was created at OSRZ-4 Residence as part of the Navigation programme with the support of Jam Factory Art Centre. Zine consists of the Lviv map with locations of “mutated–bestiary” series.
Dasha was born in 1999 in Odesa. Graduated from the Mytrofan Hrekov Odesa Art School, specialising in painting (2014–2018). Graduated from the 1st year of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine at freehand graphics (2018–2019). Currently she is studying at the National Academy of Arts, Department of Art Theory and History (2019–2023). 

Dasha is a resident of the SRZ (Odesa and Lviv branches). In her practice, she explores the relationship between people and the environment. Dasha works with space, in particular through the collection of contemporary folklore in a diary notebook that forms a room-event. She also creates total installations that combine different media: graphics, sculptures, paintings, videos, performances, photographs, and textiles. Thus, Dasha creates a “theatre of life”, a conditional performance where she draws the audience’s attention to ordinary things.

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