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My 5-day visual diary, 2023


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My 5-day visual diary, 2023
Ruslana Kliuchko
paper, printing
series of photography, 297х420

“In the early days of NAC residency I injured my leg. This incident profoundly shifted my daily rhythm. Walking amidst nature had always been an integral part of my creative process — a meditative ritual I could not easily forsake. The injury forced me to confine myself to my room and establish a new routine taking care of my leg. Amidst this temporal confinement, a unique opportunity for introspection unfolded.

The central concept revolves around movement. Being unable to move as freely as I desired, I began documenting my injury, focusing on minimal movements and changes, capturing the new routine and the temporality of it all. A series of sequential frames make time visible, uncover the hidden, and create a unique rhythm of their own. It is also about knowledge through pain. However, it is primarily about acquiring knowledge and gratitude for the new experience.”

Ruslana was born in 2002 in Druzhba, Sumy region. She graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture with a degree in graphic arts and book illustration. She lives and works in Kyiv. 

Ruslana works with the themes of nature, time and memory. She uses such techniques as etching, monoprint, collage and animation. She is also fond of creating art books and zines.

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