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Perla (from a series “Perla”), 2022


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Perla (from a series “Perla”), 2022
Anastasiia Dytso
paper, printing
1 / 5, 841х1189

The photo presents a collective image of a human who lost everything because of the war, but ended up in the country of her/his dreams. The feelings of sadness and despair do not disappear. Every sound reminds you of what you’ve experienced, thus trapping you in yourself. Under the water, running away from dreams, in the safest position, a person secludes her/himself.

Anastasiia was born in 1998 in Odesa, Ukraine. Graduated from the Mytrofan Grekov Odesa Art School and the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. Since 2018, she has been working and living in Kyiv.

In her practice, Anastasiia explores life by depicting it in a shot with a low-level analogue camera and defective image. Her work is typically blurry, naturalistic, with reflections, color distortions and characteristics that are usually perceived as a sign of low quality. Staged photographs are very rare in Anastasiia’s practice. Her practice is all about naturalism and spontaneity. The artist strives to show everyday life as it is, which brings her work closer to reportage photography. As an artist, Anastasiia works with various media such as photography, video, sound, ceramics, and painting.

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