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Self-portraits from several angles, 2020


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Self-portraits from several angles, 2020
Anastasiia Leliuk
papier-mâché, enamel, jute twine
series of 4, 400х200 (one)

An intention to catch a subtle inner movement and mood through the physical limitations of material forms.
Anastasiia was born in 1997 in Luhansk. She studied at the Luhansk Art School. After the outbreak of war in 2014, she left her hometown and continued her studies at the Dnipro Theatre and Art College. She graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture with a degree in monumental painting in 2019. Before the full-scale Russian invasion, she studied at the Department of Contemporary Art at the Kyiv Academy of Media Arts. She lives and works in Kyiv.

Anastasiia has experience in staging and scenography. The artist works with different media and often uses upcycled materials. In her practice, she tries to play with objective truth and global cultural narratives through everyday, recognisable elements. She often creates a situation in which the viewer is confronted with the limits of their own perception and is forced to reconsider their position.

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