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Suffocating dust, 2023

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Suffocating dust, 2023
Vladyslav Palamarenko
paper, printing

The idea of this work explores the blurring of boundaries between reality and illusion, inviting viewers to enter a mysterious realm. Through ethereal compositions and subtle tones, a sense of otherworldliness and mythology emerges. The artworks employ techniques like digital manipulation and textured prints to enhance their enigmatic nature where familiar elements fade into the unknown, and the tangible merges with the ethereal.

Vladyslav was born in 2002 in Cherkasy. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

In his creative process, Vladyslav uses various techniques, including Photoshop, printing on paper with different textures, scanning and the integration of artificial intelligence. Drawing inspiration from his previous sketches, Vladyslav uses the transformative power of time to create works that differ from their original vision, giving rise to something completely new.

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