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The Dust, 1/8, 2014

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The Dust, 1/8, 2014
Mykhailo Alekseenko

Mode destroys personality. Methodical, monotonous work. Sound resembling the sawmill. Violence against itself to complete disappearance. Erasing a human into dust. Each produced action leaves behind a trail. Disappearing the material object produces something more — memories, the memory of itself. The main objective of the work is to show that it is impossible to completely destroy a person. Dust becomes ashes, the bearer of information, media, memory.
Mykhailo was born in 1989 in Kyiv. Graduated from the graphic faculty of the National Academy of Arts and Architecture, studio of Andrii Chebykin. He lives and works in Kyiv.

Mykhailo builds his artistic practice on principles close to the aesthetics of interaction, when the direct participation of the viewer is an important and integral part of the art work. 

He is the initiator and organiser of the “Gallery 14” project, an artistic and experimental space created to decentralise the artistic community and engage the local audience, located in his grandmother’s apartment in Troyeshchyna.
Winner of the MUHi 2017 Young Artists Competition for his work Hollywood-Troyeshchyna, a multimedia project that combines photos, videos, and online materials.
2021 — Winner of the first M17 Sculpture Prize in three-dimensional art.
2022 — Winner of the seventh PinchukArtCentre Prize.

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