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Tools #1, 2019


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Tools #1, 2019
Dmytro Kupriyan
black’n’white photography, oil

Dmytro was born in 1982 in Kyiv, where he lives and works. Since 24 February 2022, he has been serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, currently in the 30th Separate Mechanised Brigade, which performs combat missions on the contact line.

For three years, he worked on the topic of violence in the Ukrainian police (the “Tortured” project). After that, he took up the topic of violence in its broadest sense and made projects about the war in Ukraine (the projects “Wreckage of War”, “Banality of Aggression” and “When the War Ends”).  Eventually, he came to the topic of dialogue in society and made a short video about it. Dmytro tried to show that the only way to solve problems and misunderstandings in societies is through dialogue in all its manifestations: verbal, subverbal, physical, etc. He also works with the topic of Ukrainian historical shipping and seafaring and sails the “Spas”, a seagoing boat built in 2007 by a group of enthusiasts. Together with them, he sails along the Dnipro River and the Black Sea to Georgia and takes photographs along the way. During the year, the artist took pictures in the ATO and in the army, where he served as an officer.

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